Breakfast Chia Jars $7

Mason Jars $2

Blueberry Maple Sunflower
Almond milk, chia seed, steel cut oats, agave/Maple syrup combo, Siagon cinnamon, whole organic blueberries, vanilla, raw sunflower seeds.

The Matlock
Almond milk, chia seed, whole organic banana, agave nectar, Raw coconut flakes, organic almond butter, Siagon cinnamon, fresh grated nutmeg, vanilla, Himalayan salt.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Almond milk, chia seed, organic carob poweder, agave nectar, vanilla, Raw cacao nibs, chopped raw macadamia nuts, organic juicy strawberries, Himalayan salt.

Entrees $15

Chipotle Spiced Lentils
Chipotle spiced lentils snuggled in a crunchy poblano pepper. Served with fresh sliced jicama sticks and a side of Mary Apples (the most delectable applesauce, ever.)


Raw Sketti
A pile of deliciously playful zucchini noodles topped with a hearty and satisfying marinara sauce. Consisting of organic tomatoes, cremini mushrooms, sweet organic yellow onion, organic green bell, katamala olives, raw buttery pine nuts, Bragg’s nutritional yeast, and sun-dried tomato. Add a trio of ‘meatballs’ for an additional $3.

Buffalo Nuggets
(a Raw version of the traditional wings) served abundantly on a bed of crisp Romaine, complete with a side of shaved fennel, celery and organic carrot medley. If you are wondering…… they’re cauliflower florets.

Asian Citrus Slaw in a Curried Organic Avocado
Say that 3 times fast. Then enjoy this dish, as it’s creamy, a touch spicy and has the perfect crunch. Purple cabbage, organic carrot, Napa cabbage, black sesame seed, sweet organic yellow onion, and organic grapefruit segments, all tossed in an orange infused Avocado oil and seasoned to perfection. Served with a side of cinnamon pears. The spice factor can be eliminated, or better yet, increased.


Bell of the Ball
Stuffed portobello on a bed of seeded slaw


Banana Crème Pie
I dare you to resist. Sweet, creamy, luscious & addictive. $5 for a 2 serving portion.

Brownie Bites
Traditional enough but impressively improved, just as it sounds. Bites of ‘brownie’ goodness, topped with raw walnuts. Also available as Peppermint Bites. $0.75 per bite; (10 bite minimum order).

Many other desserts available, please inquire!

Come One Come Raw recipes are easily altered to cater to dislikes. All meals are made to order, therefore, a 24-48 hour time allowance is requested. I truly appreciate your business as it supports my passion – spreading healthy, delicious Raw & Living foods to everyone possible.

Life does not have to be PeRfeCt to be Wonderful.