Breakfast Chia Jars $7

Mason Jars $2

Flavors of Fall
Almond milk, organic chia seed, organic diced Honeycrisp apple, organic raw pumpkin seed, Siagon cinnamon, nutmeg, organic vanilla, raw local honey, Himalayan Sea salt, topped with chopped raw pecans.

Almond milk, organic chia seed, organic creamy banana slices, bright organic orange zest, Siagon cinnamon, organic vanilla, raw local honey, organic raw coconut flakes, crunchy raw walnuts, Himalayan Sea salt, all topped with sweet dried papaya.

Dark Bliss
Almond milk, organic chia seed, tart dried whole Montmorency cherries, chopped raw macadamia nuts, organic cacao nibs, organic cacao powder, raw agave nectar, organic vanilla, topped with a balanced combination of organic coconut sugar and pink Himalayan Sea salt.

Entrees $15

A delicate blend of organic broccoli and cremini mushrooms, marinated in nama shoyu, raw local honey, avocado oil & garlic, mixed into a compilation of organic red bell pepper, bright orange organic carrot, crunchy snap peas, sweet green onion, parsnip & lemongrass oil. Topped with sesame seed & fresh basil.

Mushroom Ceviche
A gorgeous blend of organic white button, cremini & shiitake mushrooms, shallots, & organic sweet yellow onion all marinated in a succulent mix of fresh organic lime juice, avocado oil, Himalayan Sea salt, hot chili pepper & fresh organic cilantro. Served with juicy citrus slices & cool organic cucumber.

Raw Tacos
Mexican-spiced chopped raw walnuts, cuddled into crisp organic Romaine leaves, topped with juicy local Heirloom tomato, organic creamy avocado puree, fresh parsley & cilantro, kissed with tangy lime juice & Himalayan Sea salt. Served with crisp organic red bell slices, cool organic cucumber, & julienned jicama (when available).

Buddha Bowl
Gingered organic sweet yellow corn, basil-tossed Heirloom tomato, organic chipotle avocado puree & creamy raw pine nuts, nestled on a bed of parsnip ‘rice’ & drizzled with a raw coconut curry sauce. Garnished with seasonal sprouts.


Thai Chile Spiced Almonds & Cashews
Organic almond & cashew mix coated in avocado oil, tossed in sesame seeds & combined with organic coconut flakes… finished to perfection. Packs a strong spice, 8oz. serving $10

Curry Kissed ‘Crackers’
Gluten-free buckwheat ‘crackers’ kissed with a touch of organic golden curry & a hint of spice. $1 per ounce, contains nuts.

Breakfast ‘Crackers’
Crisp Gluten-free buckwheat ‘crackers’ complete with a zesty bite of orange, organic vanilla, Siagon cinnamon, fresh ground nutmeg, a touch of organic Maple syrup & soft raw macadamia nuts. $1 per ounce, contains nuts.


Choco-nana-nut Cookies
Rich chocolate flavor, soft walnut texture, sweet and creamy banana, enough said.  $1.50 each

Strawberry Sesame Banana Chews
light, tart, sweet, creamy & addictive. $1.50 each

Zesty Pumpkin Spice Cookies
Orangey, pumpkiny, simply fall. A raw cookie you are guaranteed to dream about. $20 a bakers dozen.