Come One Come Raw

This week, let me make for you:

  • Caramelized Acorn Squash filled with a Brussels Sprout, sweet Yam & Cashew Hash, topped with tangy homemade Ricotta Cheese & blistered Cherry Tomatoes ($10).
  • Chia flavor is a make-your-skin-glow Strawberry Mango ($5).
  • Dessert shall be a Graham Cracker crusted Classic Cheesecake with a Blueberry & Pecan compoté ($5).
  • Add-on meal is a protein-packed Tamale Pie with Cornbread topping & Mint Yogurt ($10).
  • Soup of the week is a zesty & bright, Lemon-Ginger Lentil ($25/2 qt).

Thanks for appreciating plants with me!  

-Shelly Wythe
Come One Come Raw